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Prospective home buyers can preview real estate listings, provided by Trulia®, which are currently available in Palm Bay. Please contact the designated agencies regarding additional information about listings. The City of Palm Bay is not responsible for the accuracy, currency, images, or information contained within the Trulia widget above.

For more information visit the Space Coast Association of Realtors

Residential / Commercial Real Estate tools for realtors, developers, and companies looking to expand in Palm Bay.  Please call 321-952-3411 for more information.

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  • City of Palm Bay
    • Fire Hydrants
    • Schools
    • Addresses
    • Voting Precincts
    • Parcels
    • City Limits
  • Palm Bay Utilities Services
    • Estimated Water Connection Costs
    • Services Used by this Property
  • Zoning
  • Future Land Use
  • Police Zones and Districts
  • Water and Sewer Availability


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More Info on Flood Protection

The City of Palm Bay Utilities recognizes the value of the Space Coast Realtors and in an effort to better serve our local partners we have provided helpful links and documents below: